Wireless Networking
No other technology will change the way people work and collaborate more than wireless networking. The ability to move freely from workstation, to conference areas, or to remote sales opportunities, all with constant connectivity to data and communication services, is the promise of wireless networking. To fulfill the promise, careful consideration of security methods, adherence to standards and proper selection of components are a must.

NLE has been providing wireless network components and design services since 1993. NLE has followed the evolution of wireless networking standards and has successfully deployed many point-to-point, point to- multi-point, MESH and other 802.11 networks. NLE selects, tests, and offers wireless network components that are "best-of-breed" and deliver your required performance. For transition to 802.11n wireless networks, there are considerable challenges for RF planning and co-existence with other 802.11a/b/g networks. NLE has the tools and consulting to assist organizations with this transition.

NLE has developed vertical market partnerships for wireless networking products. Where there is a need in your market for a valuable expert to help you with your wireless network deployment or product offering, NLE is your partner. NLE, for example, is a valued partner that supply wireless network design and components for hundreds of libraries around the world.

In most cases, wireless networks still require a solid wired-network infrastructure. The strength of NLE in both wired and wireless networks will assure your organization the best possible design and deployment for your wireless network project. Network security issues also converge for both the wired and wireless networks. Despite the confusion and complexity of the 802.11 security standards over the last few years, NLE has the knowledge, experience, and valuable product offerings to establish a total security solution for your wireless network.

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