Telephony and Voice Over IP
NLE was an early provider of software-based digital PBX systems with support for both analog and digital VoIP. NLE is also a certified Nortel dealer and has been successful in deploying this feature-rich and flexible solution. NLE also carries a SIP based software PBX solution. NLE can support, upgrade, and troubleshoot your existing system, or provide this solution for your new phone system.

Most VoIP projects that fail to deliver the ROI or create unnecessary operational expense, are those projects where network design and components are lacking in Quality of Service (QoS) options, network management, performance monitoring, and troubleshooting tools. The strength of NLE expertise with networks and network management will enable your organization to deploy a successful VoIP project.

Things to consider when looking for a new VoIP system:

Remote/Mobile Worker:
Easily extend standard and advanced PBX capabilities to your remote and mobile workers. Provide them with real time communications capabilities, manage and deploy centrally, and achieve an ROI payback.

Toll Bypass Management:
Maximize long distance savings in your toll bypass application. Manage dial plans centrally, no matter how many gateways you have. Typical ROI payback is 2-3 months.

Application Routing:
Dramatically enhance you SIP applications interoperability. Manage all of your SIP application dial plans centrally, all from a single user interface.

Distributed ACD/Call Center:
Easily extend standard and advanced PBX capabilities to your remote call center agents. Enhance their productivity so that they can generate more revenue, take or make more calls per day, or help more customers.

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