Data Storage
IT managers in smaller and midsize companies face the same challenges as large companies when it comes to meeting IT regulatory compliance requirements, creating disaster recovery plans, and overcoming server consolidation challenges. (source: Data Storage Today magazine, 2008).

Smaller and Midsize companies can take advantage of using on-line backup services as a component of their disaster recovery plan. Companies of all sizes should consider replacing tape media with disk media for archival and near-term data recovery.

NLE provides solutions for both on-line backup services, and migration from tape-to-disk.

Storage Architectures have matured rapidly in the last few years, and cost-effective alternatives to the stalwart SCSI and Fibre-Channel-centric solutions allow for organizations of all sizes to take advantage of the benefits of storage consolidation and virtualization. The availability of good IP-based storage-are-networks (iSCSI based SAN), along with low-cost SATA drive arrays, now allows rapid-deployment and return-on-investment for adding or replacing existing storage.

Building a robust switching and routing infrastructure is equally important to any data-storage or consolidation project. There is no benefit to the organization for storage consolidation, if the overall health of the network is not measured and improved; the SCSI bus performance bottle-neck could easily be replaced with a network performance bottle-neck.

NLE recommends, sells, and provides professional services for data storage and data consolidation projects. NLE can provide the additional network switching and routing required to deliver the necessary performance when building a storage-area-network.

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