The revolution of mobile and computing has allowed the retail industry to create marketing, distribution, and just-in-time opportunities unparalleled by any other innovation. When retail store managers or retail technology providers think about improvements in operational efficiency, they choose wireless network and mobile applications to deliver the promise of a return-on-investment.

Customized retail experiences based on known customer preferences are being explored and tested.

Retail and e-commerce businesses are maturing together by using mobile inventory-control, RFID, smart-card transactions, customized manufacturing, and other technology innovations.

The future of retail operations is in creating a customer "demand-driven" environment where products are never wasted in a warehouse. Customized product demand and just-in-time delivery at a retail level with "zero-waste" may someday become a reality.

While mobile sales and inventory transactions via wireless networking drive new retail customer experiences, there must be an equal effort to secure and protect the data and financial transactions. Implementing security in the initial design of the wireless network is always easier than fire-fighting to fill the gaps later.

Design and transition planning for new technology, along with system integration with your existing network components, need to be brought together to bring down costs and achieve the retail process efficiency goals that are desired.

NLE delivers tools for wireless networks and mobile applications for retailers that are state-of-the-art and cost-effective. A secure wired and wireless network infrastructure really is possible if you employ a valued solutions partner such as NLE to work through design, security, and implementation challenges.

NLE is a Symbol Technologies partner, and selects other best-of-breed wireless network security and management tools that help you create a retail environment where performance and security goals are met.

NLE can design, install, and establish remote management capabilities for networks that support warehouses, stores, and transport elements of the retail industry.

As a Value-Added-Reseller, NLE can provide other VAR"s the networking solutions that they need to be successful. The Business-to-Business knowledge, experience, and understanding from NLE to your business can establish long-term success planning.
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