Plug the Security Hole!
Combating Zero-Day and Targeted Attacks,
 True Malware Prevention
      Date: Wednesday, October 5, 2011
      Time:  10 AM to 1 PM
      Location:  Thanksgiving Point
Prizes! - Lunch!

Advanced malware, highly targeted phishing, zero-day and APT attacks. This is the new status quo.

IMF, Citibank, RSA, Sony, Epsilon, Lockheed and many others have been attacked. Advanced attacks simply bypass traditional signature-based defenses such as Next-Generation Firewalls, IPS, and traditional Email/Web gateways. The reason: malware can obfuscate and install only after entry to host and appears normal in the beginning stages. End-users are being exploited, and your company’s brand can be compromised. The security hole is real and it is pervasive.

Join NLE, FireEye, and ESET on October 5 and learn how you can protect your organization and avoid becoming a headline.

We'll present this critical information:
• The new threat landscape – advanced, zero-day and targeted APT attacks
• How advanced attacks easily bypass your current security
• The hole left open by traditional signature-based technologies
• Plugging the security hole
• Next generation security for next generation threats

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  Did You Know?

90% of costs from cybercrime are caused by:
  •     Malicious code
  •     Denial-of-Service
  •     Stolen or hijacked devices
  •     Malicious or unsuspecting insiders actions

 Did You Know?
Cost-To-Prevent versus Cost-To-Repair:
The average time to resolve a cyberattack is 18 days, with an average cost of $415,748 over this 18 day period. This represents a 67 % increase from last year's estimated average cost of $247,744, which was compiled for a 14-day period.

source:  Poneman Institute, 2nd Annual Cost of Cybercrime Study, 2011

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