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NLE cordially invites you to learn how Libraries can easily solve Internet bandwidth traffic shaping, visibility, and application priority issues by using easy-to-use appliances from Exinda.

Find out how WAN Optimization can give priority to essential Library services traffic over competing social media, and solve other bandwidth  issues Libraries are struggling with.

The team at NLE will explain how it has leveraged Exinda’s Unified Performance Management approach to WAN Optimization to solve many bandwidth control and visibility issues.

NLE will also discuss strategies and best practices for managing P2P and recreational traffic on the WAN, how to set policies to shape and control network traffic at both the application and the user level.
A major new feature, Exinda Edge Cache, can significantly improve the delivery of software downloads and rich Internet-based traffic, while freeing up WAN bandwidth for your critical applications.

Topics covered during this webinar are:
  • Getting the most out of your Internet traffic.
  • Easy of Use of controlling and reporting on any application.
  • How to get the reports you need to make important decisions.
  • Using the new Edge-Cache functions to vastly improve performance for retrieving repetitive and pervasively used objects and data.
Questions to be addressed during this webinar
  • What is the easiest and most accurate way to provide Library services as a traffic priority?
  • How do I easily understand the type of traffic coming into the Library?
  • How do I boost the performance of selective applications?
  • How can I manage individual user traffic based on available bandwidth?
Come see how NLE addresses these topics and questions! 

How to register?
Webinar information will be sent to you at least 24 hours in advance of the webinar.  Simply 
click here to register and we'll do the rest!
Available webinar date:

Date:  June 29, 2011 (WED)
Time:  PST: 1:00 PM
          MST:  2:00 PM
          CST:  3:00 PM
          EST:  4:00 PM

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