The level of outsourcing and downsizing of USA manufacturing is directly proportional to market pressures to create profitability and reduce costs. Information Technology needs for manufacturing are shifting from traditional material-resource-planning (MRP) systems to manufacturing execution systems (MES) for real-time shop-floor control, web-based customer support and ordering, engineering collaboration and design tools, and better integration of sales and marketing tools. The new information technology needs of manufacturing are a reflection of the additional cost reduction efforts required to remain competitive in a global economy.

Manufacturing that remains within the USA requires information technology to drive continuous quality improvement (CQI), deliver self-care customer support, provide customized product offerings, and minimize material handling and waste. Parallel with the market of low-cost goods, is the market that demands unique custom-built and prestige-value goods. Offerings for upgrading from a core-component product will create a need for better order-entry and custom-design systems.

Manufacturing and retail systems are starting to work together to improve the supply-chain efficiency. The needs for data integration, mobile computing, and remote access to information are very similar in both markets. Wireless network computing for manufacturing is an important technology since it offers the ability to take the data to and from the production lines without limits. This means more efficient quality assurance checks and inventory control for built-to-order manufacturing. RFID applications for tracking inventory and evaluating work-flow are new technologies for obtaining cost savings.

NLE delivers solutions and components for manufacturing networks, and understands the cost efficiencies that must be created.

NLE provides tools and services for improving network performance and reliability required to deliver data for networks required in manufacturing.

NLE works with manufacturing IT staff to find better components to consolidate disparate pools of data, allow for secure remote-access to information, and build a better network that will support growth for volume manufacturing.

NLE delivers solutions for wireless networks to be used to improve work-flow, inventory control, and integration of information from design to delivery.

NLE delivers RFID components and solutions for manufacturing. Partnership with NLE will gain long-term commitments to new technology such as RFID.
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