Log Data Management and Intelligence with

NLE is a Network Value Added Reseller (VAR) that has been serving education, government, healthcare, large enterprise and other organizations for over 17 years. As a premier partner with LogLogic and over 35 other vendors, NLE has the relationships and skills necessary to provide its customers with the leading communication and network solutions.

Founded in 2002 and based in San Jose, CA, LogLogic is an innovator and market leader in Log Data Management and Intelligence (LMI). LogLogic strive's to lead in the creation, development and delivery of the industrys leading LMI platforms. They're award winning appliances enable log data from firewalls, routers, servers, applications (both commercial and homegrown), operating systems and devices to be automatically collected, stored, reported and alerted on in near real-time for compliance and risk mitigation.

Benefits of the LogLogic Solution:

LogLogic’s scalable, distributed enterprise solutions, combining LX and ST appliances, deliver high-throughput log data capture and processing with “Google-like” search and secure log data archival.

LogLogic’s specialized all-in-one analysis and archival MX appliances cater to specific mid-market business requirements—all with straightforward configuration and operation.

Log Management subscription services securely transfer log data to the cloud, offering large and small customers web portal access to log alerts, reports and search.

Whether you are enabling log data from firewalls, or preparing for a wireless network install, NLE has the experience, skills and relationship to make your IT projects a success. Contact us today toll free at 1-800-243-5267 for further information.
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