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NLE is a Network Value Added Reseller (VAR) that has been serving education, government, healthcare, large enterprise and other organizations for over 17 years. As a premier partner with AirMagnet and over 35 other vendors, NLE has the relationships and skills necessary to provide its customers with the leading communication and network solutions.

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Standard SAFE LP Product Demo
Standard PCI SAFE Product Demo

Intellitactics is the choice for organizations looking to achieve and demonstrate compliance with internal policies and regulatory standards; automate logging and threat management; accelerate incident response; and automate security operations functions with/without staffing. Automated reporting supports audit requirements as well as IT, HR, legal and finance needs. Products include SAFE, the right-sized, affordable line of appliances and Security Manager, a comprehensive software solution. With Intellitactics you do more with logs: correlate and visually analyze events, automate notification, investigate incidents and automate reporting for audits and operations.

There's more to compliance than collecting logs. In fact, you can be more effective and efficient in complying with standards and securing the enterprise by automating daily tasks. Intellitactics offers two solutions: a highly capable, multi-function SIEM software package and a simple to deploy appliance which not only verifies and validates that you're in compliance with specific internal policies, regulatory standards (SOX, HIPAA, NERC, FISMA) or industry standards (PCI DSS) but also ensures every day compliance by simplifying daily tasks like security event monitoring, log analysis and reporting.
Intellitactics provides:
  • A suite of complementary security information and event management (SIEM) products:
    • Intellitactics SAFE
    • Intellitactics SAFE LP
    • Intellitactics SAFE XL
    • Intellitactics Security Manager

  • Enterprise security management solutions for security-sensitive organizations seeking:
    • Audit-worthy reports to demonstrate compliance
    • Automated, proactive security operations
    • Metrics to align security with business and establish a solid enterprise defense

Intellitactics, a recognized leader in security management, offers a combination of appliances and scalable, extensible software products which enable all security organizations to actively manage more logs from more devices and decrease the number of security related and compliance related incidents. Automated notification, hundreds of reports and real time event analysis decrease the mean time to respond to security incidents. Intellitactics improves the efficiency and effectiveness of security organizations to manage risk and reduce the cost of safeguarding information assets.

Whether you are looking for security management, or preparing for everyday compliance, NLE has the experience, skills and relationship to make your IT projects a success. Contact us today toll free at 1-800-243-5267 for further information.

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