The Blue Coat Solution

NLE is a Network Value Added Reseller (VAR) that has been serving education, government, healthcare, large enterprise and other organizations for over 17 years. As a premier partner with BlueCoat Systems and over 35 other vendors, NLE has the relationships and skills necessary to provide its customers with the leading communication and network solutions.

BlueCoat offers solutions for a Secure Web Gateway, WAN Optimization and Business Applications that accelerate business processes without compromising data security. BlueCoat can help manage some of the toughest IT and business challenges by:
  • Protecting against malware, spyware and data leaks
  • Filtering all content at the Web gateway
  • Enforcing granular policies over user access
  • Restricting non-essential, bandwidth-intensive applications, such as streaming video
  • Delivering top application performance even during peak network demand
BlueCoat resolves the "stop/go" conflict that often forces IT departments to choose between application performance and security. Unlike many security products that impede all traffic, including encrypted transactions, BlueCoat solutions have the intelligence to "stop the bad and accelerate the good" right at the Web gateway.

BlueCoat does it with a feature-rich solution that helps businesses centralize IT management and decentralizes their workforce and network applications - safely. Specifically, BlueCoat helps automate bandwidth management and security so application performance is never impeded by malicious activity or bandwidth-clogging downloads. The result is a highly efficient and secure network, managed by a single solution that eliminates the cost and complexity of multiple point products.

Whether you are maintaining and troubleshooting a WLAN, or preparing for a wireless network install, NLE has the experience, skills and relationship to make your IT projects a success. Contact us today toll free at 1-800-243-5267 for further information.
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