From the Baystack legacy to the Rock-solid Ethernet Routing Switches...

2013 is the time to reconsider your switching infrastructure choices.

Avaya Networking builds on the strong Baystack and Nortel legacy products, and continues to deliver the best non-blocking routing switches available. Anyone who hasn't used Nortel switches in the past should strongly consider evaluating Avaya's switches to gain the best price/performance/reliability ratio. Switching is all about speed and access controls. The Avaya Networking switches perform at any level of performance requirement, from the 3500/4500 SMB switches, to the 7000 series top-of-the-rack 40GB data-center network virtualization switching. The 5500 series switches are the best switches available for all applications.

"While growth in the Ethernet switch market will largely come from 10GbE and 40GbE in the coming years, it is encouraging to note that the market for Gigabit Ethernet is holding its own, largely in campus, aggregation, and network edge deployments," said Rohit Mehra, Vice President, Network Infrastructure at IDC, in a statement. "While enterprise mobility is no doubt the focus for IT and network managers, the underlying wired infrastructure is also continuing to get mindshare in the context of a holistic approach to the network in delivering applications to end-users." source: Internet Network Planet News, March 6, 2013

NLE is a Network Value Added Reseller (VAR) that has been serving education, government, healthcare, large enterprise and other organizations for over twenty-two years. As a premier partner with Avaya Networking and over 35 other vendors, NLE has the relationships and skills necessary to provide its customers with the leading communication and network solutions.

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