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NLE is a Network Value Added Reseller (VAR) that has been serving education, government, healthcare, large enterprise and other organizations for over 17 years. As a premier partner with Aruba and over 35 other vendors, NLE has the relationships and skills necessary to provide its customers with the leading communication and network solutions.

Aruba's user-centric networks integrate adaptive WLANs, identity-based security, and application continuity services into a cohesive, high-performance system that securely delivers the enterprise network to users, wherever they work or roam. User-centric networks significantly expand the reach of traditional port-centric networks, preserving and extending investments in existing network infrastructure.

Adaptive WLANs deliver high-performance, follow-me connectivity so users are always within reach of mission-critical information. Identity-based security associates access policies with users, not ports, enabling follow-me security that is enforced regardless of where and how the networked is accessed. Application continuity services enable follow-me applications that continue running even as the user moves between wireless LANs, wired LANs, and cellular networks.

Aruba's products are currently deployed in some of the largest global organizations in every major industry, in a number of instances with thousands of access points and tens of thousands of users from the following:
  • ArubraOS Software
  • Management Analytics and Threat Prevention
  • Mobility Controllers
  • Access Points
    • Dual-radio Wireless Access Points
    • Single-radio Wireless Access Points
    • Wired Access Concentrators
Whether you are maintaining and troubleshooting a WLAN, or preparing for a wireless network install, NLE has the experience, skills and relationship to make your IT projects a success. Contact us today toll free at 1-800-243-5267 for further information.
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