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Our Library solutions delivers an integrated set of tools and network systems that provide total digital content protection, application performance improvement, network management, and wireless and mobile computing infrastructure. These key technology areas have been identified by NLE and their library partners as key systems that are required to build the Library of the Future. This solution creates a safe, secure, mobile, and performance-based network environment to deliver applications, such as Software-As-A-Service, streaming multimedia, Voice-over-IP, RFID, mobile reference-librarian, gaming/simulation, video-conferencing, etc.

The library tradition is to provide a safe harbor for everyone in a local community for learning and sharing information. In the digital era, libraries are continuing these traditions while providing access to new digital media. To maintain an environment that promotes a sense of community and yet protects patrons from malicious computing activities is key for libraries to maintain their value and purpose. The library of the future creates the same levels of democracy and information sharing with electronic media as with traditional paper-based media.

Total network security, performance control, mobile-wireless networks, and advanced network management, are the application delivery tools that libraries need to remain relevant to the community and provide 21st Century library services.

What Can NLE Do for You?

Disaster Recovery Solutions  More Info!                                          View Popular Webinar

  • Does your library have a disaster recovery plan?
  • Are you still using tapes for backup?
    • Let NLE help your library with easier, better, safer Backup Solutions

Unified Threat Management (UTM)/Managed Security Services More Info!

  • How old is your firewall?
  • Hackers are attracted to use library networks – are you ready for them?
    • If your firewall doesn’t support UTM layered protection, or is more than three years old, you need to upgrade to protect the library AND the community.
    • NLE has the best UTM perimeter security solutions for libraries.

Firewall and Security Reporting

  • Do you have summary reports of your application and bandwidth usage?
  • Have you ever completed a performance or security assessment for your network?
    • NLE can deliver your firewall reports/statistics to your desktop.
    • All libraries should know their security vulnerabilities and attacks.

WAN Application Visibility Assessment  More Info!

  • Is your library considering SaaS (Software-As-A-Service) for library services?
  • Is your library able to prioritize library services traffic?
  • Does the library have network bandwidth usage reports by application?
    • NLE can perform performance assessments for WAN bandwidth use by application.
    • NLE has solutions for bandwidth management and application visibility.
    • Protect performance for critical library applications and services

WAN Optimization & Acceleration

  • Is the library using consortia or centralized services over a WAN?
  • Do branch libraries route back to the central library?
    • NLE has solutions to make your T1 lines feel like a 10Mbps link.
    • NLE can help libraries utilize existing bandwidth more effectively, thus deferring costly monthly charges for bandwidth upgrades.

ILS Authenticating Wireless Network Solutions  More Info!

  • Can you manage your Wireless Network centrally, and authenticate via SIP2?
  • Confused about Wireless Network security options or network design?
    • NLE has deployed secure and easy to manage wireless networks for hundreds of libraries.
    • NLE is a leader in using library card authentication for network services

Hosted Exchange Email with Spam and Virus Filtering

  • Does the library need MS Exchange services without the hassle and expense?
  • Is the library hosting their email server and getting too much spam?
    • NLE can deliver cost-effective hosted email services with no administrative headaches.
    • NLE can lower your total costs of ownership for MS Exchange.
    • NLE has solutions to protect your existing email services too

What NLE Can Do for You

NLE Professional Services for Libraries:

  • NLE understands the needs, issues, and challenges of library networks and IT services.
  • NLE is available to assist or augment your existing IT support, or
  • The Library can outsource entire IT functions to NLE.
  • NLE can become the library HELP DESK, or Problem-Escalation Team to help the library manage their IT investments better with less worry.
  • NLE can provide on-site support for deployment or transition projects.

Examples of Library Projects by NLE Professional Services:

  • On-site installation of network switches, routers, firewalls, workstations, software.
  • Remote management of firewall policies, logs, reports, changes.
  • Remote desktop hardware and software management with HELP DESK
  • WAN and application monitoring and assessment for bandwidth upgrade projects.
  • Remote or on-site network and application performance analysis.
  • Project Management for changing ISP connections,
  • Pre-Configuration and deploying new network equipment, new servers, storage, etc.
  • Setup for disaster recovery plans.
  • Create new or migrate Active-Directory Domains.

NLE SSL Cert Support Package  More Info!
We provide a 3 year certificate for your wireless controller (or any other device on your network being accessed by a browser) to protect all patron and staff authentication credentials from interception and compromise.

ILS Migration Services  More Info!
NLE’s ILS Migration Service will provide the library with the resources and WLAN configuration changes required to make the ILS transition smooth. We will work with both the library staff and your ILS vendor to provide the necessary consulting and authentication decisions to minimize the effect of the migration on your customers.
More Info: “NLE Tech Brief – Transition to Polaris”

NLE Professional Services for Libraries  More Info!

Whether you are maintaining and troubleshooting a WLAN, or preparing for a wireless network install, NLE has the experience, skills and relationship to make your IT projects a success.

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