Use of Information Technology has increased dramatically for hospitality environments in the last few years. In the Hospitality industry there is an increasing emphasis on improving customer satisfaction, improving quality assurance of food preparation and house-keeping processes, provisioning access to the Internet for conventions and guests, finding methods to reduce operation costs, etc. Information technology is required to drive competitive advantage in the hospitality industry, while guests are looking for amenities that use technology to enhance their guest experience. Guests are bringing laptops, PDA's, cell-phones, and other technology to the hospitality environment, and they want to be able to use these devices to gain access to the Internet, travel-services, and entertainment. With these demands on the hospitality provider, a robust and secure network infrastructure is as important in a hotel as it is in a hospital, for example.

Legacy telecommunications systems are also starting to age or need a technology refresh in many hospitality environments. Opportunities for converging voice and data into a single network are as real for hospitality providers as for other businesses.

NLE will deliver products and services that will meet the demands of the hospitality industry, and can help improve operational efficiencies by leveraging existing information technology with new and innovative components.

NLE has been the successful solution provider for the largest hotel in Park City, Utah. This facility is the first hotel in the area to provide seamless wireless network access to all guest rooms, and facilitating separate wireless networks for large conventions and technology conferences that need VPN support to their corporate headquarters. NLE designed and integrated the entire solution that includes on-site creditcard revenue capture that stays entirely in the ownership of the hotel.

NLE can design and build wireless networks in hospitality environments for solving problems with inventory control, work-flow, quality assurance, guest access to the Internet in convention areas and guest rooms, and other opportunities. We can also help transition old technology into newer and more cost-effective solutions.

NLE can evaluate your current telephony infrastructure and then recommend improvements, upgrades, help you change providers to save operational costs, and many other services. Data and voice convergence challenges can be solved by NLE partnerships and product offerings.
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