Health Care
There are never-ending challenges for health-care organizations to deploy and maximize investments in information technology and network architecture. There are an abundance of legacy protocols and applications that must be accommodated, while attempting to move forward with new applications, security requirements, government regulations, and practical technology methods that improve work-flow, information security, and knowledge transfer.

The size of the health-care organization is not necessarily an indicator of the level of complexity that is required of the information technology departments.

Regional health-care hospital groups, for example, may have 100-200 different applications that must be supported, and there may be a different information system database or network infrastructure requirement for each department that must converge to a common technology support model. Challenges for desktop security, virus protection, junk email, internet access security, HIPAA and FDA compliance, etc., are being presented at every health-care provider level from a private physician office to a large hospital group.

Network architectures have changed dramatically in the last few years, and health-care organizations are finding themselves ready to replace and re-design their network infrastructures with greater emphasis on internal security, encrypted transactions to meet HIPAA requirements, and network management and analysis. The challenges with preventing down-time while moving forward with new technology will be an ongoing issue.

In the next few years, health-care information technology departments will require more vendor support to help solve transition and integration problems. Outsourcing for project specific results will become more widely used as health-care information technology workers are being stretched to the limits of their capacity in just maintaining the technology that is already deployed.

NLE can help your health-care organization with many products and services that will help transition your existing technology, help create a more robust infrastructure, and improve network management and security. Health-care organizations have the opportunity for operational improvements delivered by using outside partners that do not have a single manufacturer point-of-view. NLE is a unique partner that will help you assess your existing technology strengths and weaknesses from a practical and rational view-point, and present network management tools and strategies to help you assess your progress.

NLE can help your health-care organization with important telephony and data convergence issues. Many hospital groups that use Nortel legacy telephony systems can greatly benefit from our ability to help transition to Voice-over-IP solutions while maintaining existing investments.
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