State and local government agencies with limited growth budgets must find methods for improving operational efficiency, keep technology as secure as possible, and meet local constituency expectations for services. The local government agencies need advice and technical support from a trusted value-added partner to verify the claims of the manufacturers so that costly purchasing mistakes can be avoided.

In government networks, existing equipment must be maintained and kept running as long as possible. Finding replacement components to keep government networks running is important.

There is a trend in local governments to consolidate a variety of computing and network services to a common infrastructure. This may include the creating of a data-center that services a wide-variety of services and departments, and even public schools and libraries may be included. Metropolitan-Area-Networks are being built that service a variety of government entities, along with provisioning a back-bone to Internet access for local city residents.

State governments often lead the way for technology improvements that the local county and city governments can take advantage of through the transfer of knowledge, experience, and contract RFP results. With purchasing consortiums such as WSCA (Western States Contracting Alliance - (, the goals of lower costs are being realized.

NLE delivers products and services to government entities at the federal, state, and local levels. NLE delivers value to other system-integrators who work directly with government agencies to keep their networks up-and-running.

NLE is a qualified supplier for the WSCA program for switching, routing, and other technology offerings. NLE can work with county and city governments to afford them the equivalent level of service and cost efficiency.

NLE delivers solutions for public libraries and schools that mesh their network infrastructures with the cities that support them. We understand the issues and solutions required to meet security and performance demands for a converging metropolitan network.

NLE delivers replacement components for older networking technologies to help keep government agencies operating. Network equipment life-cycles are extended using NLE as a partner. Maintenance contracts and service agreements can also be managed through NLE.
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