As Good As New
Since 1991, NLE has endeavored to bring to its customers the highest quality discount computer networking products available. These products come from a variety of sources - the general market place, manufacturers, liquidations, surplus inventories, and from customers like you. The products offered by NLE are classified "new", "good as new" or "used." All used merchandise goes through a rigorous test before being recertified by our technical staff to ensure that all of NLE's customers are completely satisfied with the merchandise they purchase. NLE is an Authorized Reseller or Partner for Cisco, Nortel, Bluesocket, Airmagnet, Fortinet, Meru, Airwave, FiberLink, Meetinghouse, Proxim, Packeteer, Microsoft, Hewlett-Packard, etc. Each product is subject to the following "Good as New" procedure before NLE stands behind the product. The 10 step "Good as New" process gives our team confidence to offer you one of the best after-market warranties in the industry. "Good as New" Certifications Steps:
  1. COSMETIC INSPECTION - Upon arrival, each unit is evaluated. If the equipment is beyond refurbishment or is cosmetically unsound, the unit is rejected.
  2. POWER-UP/DIAGNOSTIC TEST - Each unit is powered on to check for self-boot and any memory requirements.
  3. STANDARDS INSPECTION - After the routine diagnostics testing, the equipment is defaulted back to the manufacturer's specifications. Deficiencies in memory and out- of-spec issues with the upgrade of the equipment are also noted.
  4. DIAGNOSTIC ANALYSIS - Once the unit has been inspected, patched, or once the upgrades have taken place, a diagnostic analysis is performed to ensure the product has maintained its integrity through the process.
  5. UPGRADE / MIRROR REPAIR - At this point in the equipment journey, upgrades for memory or software requirements are performed to attain optimal performance.
  6. NETWORK PORT TESTING - For real world testing, the unit is subjected to a host of data flows and temperatures to assure the unit is as "Good as New." The product really gets put to the test!
  7. ESTABLISH FACTORY DEFAULTS - Upon completion of the rigorous testing, each unit is reset to the manufacturer's default specifications and any erroneous passwords are cleared.
  8. RECONDITIONING - It's time for cleaning! Each piece gets cleaned and touched up and detailed. It is easy to see why going with NLE's "Good as New" guarantee is better than just used.
  9. RECERTIFICATION INSPECTION - This is the last stop before the unit is placed back into the box. Our QA personal are among the most seasoned experts in the industry. In many cases, the inspector was a former customer of NLE. The inspector knows what NLE's expectations are. It is at this stage that each unit becomes NLE certified "Good as New" backed by one of the best warranties in the industry.
  10. PACKAGING - Each piece is bar-coded, appropriately packaged, and labeled for easy identification and re-deployment
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