Security and data-integrity are the main concerns for data architects in the financial data networks. Legacy equipment must be maintained, and reliability must be constantly improved. A solution provider that can deliver components and solutions that fit the existing architecture is very important for financial institutions. Token-ring network components, for example, are still required in some banking and financial companies that use IBM systems. Obtaining replacement token-ring components is critical for these companies.

The Y2K issue required a lot of investment for financial companies. Investments were made in database application rework, data backup and restore systems, and aging components that needed upgrades.

Now, several years later, these technology investments need to be refreshed, and networks need to be re-designed to fit new security and reliability issues. Cost-cutting methods for loan processing and customer-care also need to be implemented. With new technology such as online applications and workflow software, the costs can be reduced by two-thirds.

The current technology infrastructure investment by financial companies includes: storage and storage management, upgrades to network switching and routing, internal firewalls and policy-based security, encryption, network management and reporting, intrusion prevention/detection (IPS), and security and bandwidth provisions for customer electronic access. These investments are also essential to support the cost-cutting efforts in loan processing and customer care.

Primary network building blocks need to be scrutinized for security and reliability. DNS (Domain Name Services), SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol, SMTP (Simple Mail Transport Protocol), RADIUS (Remote Access Dial-Up Service), and other services with vulnerabilities, need review and upgrades.

NLE provides legacy and refurbished components for token-ring, ATM, FDDI, and other architectures that need to be supported in the financial companies, and will continue to serve the financial community with the parts required for stable operations.

NLE delivers new technology to improve infrastructures in enterprise financial companies. Components include switching and routing, back-up and restore devices, storage systems, internal firewalls and policy-based security, DNS/DHCP appliances, Intrusion Prevention components, servers, and data-center components such as racks, cables, cabinets, UPS devices, etc.

NLE delivers tools and components that improve security and reliability for the fundamental building blocks for today's demanding financial environment. NLE evaluates and make recommendations for enterprise-level infrastructure needs.
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