Information technology in education is a mixture of technologies and methods. The creation of "computer labs" in elementary and secondary schools, for example have been a mixture of both Apple and Intel-based systems. Software and hardware changes and upgrades usually take longer in schools, largely because funding is limited and human resources are often teachers and administrators who volunteer extra time to enable the technology in their schools. Network performance is usually not a top priority. The potential for computers in classrooms certainly has not been fully realized.

Wireless networking in education will be an important next step in all educational facilities. When moving from classroom to classroom, students will be able to stay connected to study materials, schedules, and reference library information that they need to be successful. Low-cost thin-client computing will be an important initiative as schools attempt to make computing devices available to all students. Mobile science and technology labs that can be brought to the students can deliver the promise of technology-based education.

Schools also have fundamental network component needs for Internet content-filtering, firewalls, junk-email protection, automated desktop computer setup, licensing management, and network management. These types of components must be easy to install, interoperable, and easy to manage and upgrade.

NLE provides educational organizations with network components that will help the schools create a pervasive and robust computing environment. Wireless networking deployment, security, and management tools are key components that NLE delivers.

NLE provides schools the network products that are easy to install and configure for Internet content-filtering, network management, firewalls. NLE selects and recommends appliance-type network components that are easy to integrate with existing network devices, allow for remote management, and can be moved to other locations quickly. These are important attributes for products that are installed in schools and educational offices.

When schools have funding issues, NLE is the source for refurbished and "good as new" network routers, switches, firewalls, etc. When components don't match, interoperable issues might arise, and network management becomes more difficult. NLE can help the schools to develop a consistent architecture that is easier to manage, upgrade, and that will improve network performance.
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