A La Carte
NLE delivers thousands of different data products from all major distributors at competitive prices. NLE has expertise in all components that add value and functionality to your network, data-center, and wiringclosets. Here are just a few examples of this type of equipment:
  • Uninterrupted Power Supplies (UPS), power-supplies, etc.
    • NLE has extensive experience with UPS manufacturers such as APC and Tripp-Lite.
    • NLE delivers and supports the APC Infrastructure product line.
  • Patch cables, fiber-jumpers, etc.
    • NLE will take the time to ensure that you receive the right cable for the right interface. The success of your project is often determined by having the right cable at the right time.
  • Racks, shelves, cabinets, cable-trays, etc.
    • NLE will deliver rack systems that match the equipment that you have. Design tools are used to pre-plan the placement of the equipment.
  • Keyboard-Video-Monitor (KVM) switches
    • Remote data-center operations have evolved to allow secure connections via KVM switches with IP and SSL support. KVM switches from Avocent and Raritan are supported by NLE.
  • Wire, connectors, GBIC modules, etc.
    • NLE will make sure that you have the right components to help you build your connections.
  • Legacy technology (Token-Ring, FDDI, ATM, etc.)
    • NLE knows how to support legacy technologies and will usually have the parts in stock that you need.
  • Telephone handsets, conference phones, and phone-switch-room accessories.
    • NLE delivers cost-competitive components for your telephony system upgrade, expansion, or replacement project.
NLE can help you with the design of a new data-center, or with plans and processes for moving a datacenter to a new location while minimizing down-time. NLE can implement cable management and distribution, build fault-tolerance, and help you create network operational plans.

NLE can manage manufacturer maintenance programs and licensing agreements for your organization. NLE can reduce your operational costs and help save you money on maintenance, repairs, and parts replacements with shelf spares and trade-up programs.

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